Barbery Knits Upcycling Ideas

Hello! I find it fascinating to give a second or third life to forgotten objects. Even more so, to get creative and re-use an ordinary object into a useful one for the ordinary and daily life.

Upcycling Idea # 1

MATERIALS: Leftover yarn, any glass jar

To start with, save your glass jars and have fun crocheting or knitting them a “dress” or cover. This simple gesture will make you keep them instead of reclycling them. Of course, the right thing is to recycle, but why not putting a few aside… You still need it the storage! so this will save you the trip to the store to buy plastic, no matter how trendy they look, or fancy brand name — not worth it!

Take a look…

Do It Yoursef: Paint the lid to match or contrast your décor, cover the lid with a cloth, label it.. make it your own and have fun!